The Lufkin Police Department are advising motorists in Lufkin today to avoid Hwy 69 to Huntington.  A large truck has hit a power pole in the area. Hopefully they will get it cleared up before 5pm traffic starts this afternoon.

Lufkin Police Department
Lufkin Police Department


Source: Lufkin Police Department - Avoid U.S. 69 south at Leslie Lane or choose an alternate route if at all possible as we are working to clear the scene of an accident in which lines were knocked down.
A Security Shredding truck stopped across the street at a Big's convenience store and the driver forgot to put it in park. The truck then rolled across the highway into another convenience store sign and phone/power pole. No injuries were reported.
Both inbound lanes are closed and we are using contraflow to move traffic until the scene is clear.
Use caution in the area and expect delays.

If you are familiar with the area, you know that if there are any issues there it will effect both sides of the road, as there is no divider. We will keep you up to date as to when it is open to regular traffic again.  This is outside the loop, and in route to Huntington.

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