Brandon Belt is back at it again with another quick East Texas Scavenger Hunt. Even after expressing interest in doing a hunt in Nacogdoches, this one was in Lufkin again.

It started like all the other hunts with an announcement on their facebook page. This was going to be another late-night hunt for the night owls.

We got the first clue that something was happening at around 7 pm. We were advised to look out for a clue to start us off at around 10 pm.

What Is the New Clue? 

Just like they promised we got a clue at around 10 pm and the hunt is on for the $500 and what turned out to be $300 in winning lottery tickets.

The rules were discussed again to make sure no one was touching anyone's property or moving anything. The envelope was put outside in plain view inside the Lufkin city limits.

Clue: Really Explore Down Below A Red Nose

Turns Out The Clue Was An Acronym

The first update was around 11pm, and the prize had not yet been found. Many people were nosing around looking downtown near Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping unit. 

Then another clue to read into the sentence a little more. When you take the first letter of every word of the clue you get RED BARN. 

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The money was found at the red barn in the Lowes parking lot. That means that Brandon didn't go far from home to plant the money.

At the end of the hunt it was promised that there would be another hunt in the coming days. Better luck next time Nacogdoches.

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