The Ellen Trout Zoo has great events coming up in February and March.

The following 'invitation' was posted on the City of Lufkin website, and the Ellen Trout Zoo Facebook page


If you've got a little princess in your life, this might be just the event for you. There will be two different tea times on Saturday, February 4th, so you've got two opportunities to pamper your princess.

Young girl in princess costume kissing plush frog
Getty Images/Monkey Business

Family passes that normally grant access to the zoo won't count as tickets to this event, and the $15 per person also counts for the adult required to accompany the child, but the friendly folks at the Ellen Trout Zoo say it will be a worthwhile experience for anyone looking to do something special with the little princess in their lives.

A 'Raiders of the Lost Zoo' treasure hunt is scheduled for March, and you can purchase tickets for that event as well.

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