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Do you know where most Texans move every year? It's not California or even Colorado.

It's Texas; way more people move inside the state of Texas than move away or come to the state from anywhere else. We are a nomadic people in Texas constantly moving to the best neighborhoods we can afford.

Most Texans won't even consider moving to another state, but they will move within Texas. They move for jobs, safety, and a better quality of life.

Where Are The Best Places To Live In Texas 

What is best for someone else might not be for you. That's why this list of the 10 safest cities in Texas from safewise.com included quality of life.

None of the top 10 cities are really much more than towns. Big cities in Texas are all plagued with crime and didn't make the list.

Instead it is the small villages and towns, close to the big cities, that have the most to offer their residents that did make the list.

If you are looking for safety and quality of life, these suburbs that you might never have heard of are on top of the list. They are, however, all fairly close to larger cities you have heard of like Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

These are the 10 Safest Cities In Texas for 2023

  1. Trophy Club
  2. Fulshear
  3. Highland Village
  4. Fair Oaks Ranch
  5. Fairview
  6. Bellaire
  7. Lumberton
  8. San Elizario
  9. Colleyville
  10. Heath

Here Are The 10 Safest Cities With The Best Quality Of Life

This list from movingwaldo.com names different towns, but keeps with the theme of smaller cities you might not have heard of located near a bigger city.

  1. Memorial Villages
  2. Elgin
  3. Horizon City
  4. Colleyville
  5. Fairview
  6. Frisco
  7. McKinney
  8. Sugar Land
  9. Pearland
  10. Fulshear

Towns that made both lists like Fulshear, Colleyville, and Fairview might just be the place for you. Here are the top 50; see if your town made the cut.

The 50 Safest Cities in Texas

These are the 50 safest citiees in Texas based on FBI data released by Safewise.

8 Safest Cities in Texas

Here are the 8 safest cities in Texas

Gallery Credit: Piggie

The 10 Safest Towns in Texas

These are the 10 safest towns in Texas based on violent crime and property crime rates via Neighborhood Scout.



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