Cafe Del Rio will be open in its new location soon, and they're sharing teasers of new additions as we get closer to the grand opening.

Going into a new adventure on the other side of town. Cafe Del Rio,  one of Lufkin's most popular Tex-Mex Restaurants is wetting our appetite for what is in the new store.

Here's a recent Facebook post they shared, showing us their new gift shop. Now we can all sport Cafe Del Rio t-shirts and Mexican embroidered dresses to let everyone know where we like to eat on the weekends!

Here's another post they shared, showing off more merchandise. I don't know about ya'll, but I'm excited to get my own piñata with the fish tacos and "botana platters" I get.


They've got Super Mario Bros. and Emoji piñatas in stock. When that "Emoji Movie" comes out, those are going to be flying off the shelves. We might want to stock up now.

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