There are lots of different events during the Christmas In the Pines celebration in Downtown Lufkin. The Parks and Recreation Department is asking us to pull for Lufkin. The crazy thing is what you are going to pull, an entire fire truck. This timed event will put your team to the test. Pull the 33 Ton Fire Truck 50 feet with 12 people the fastest to win.

Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department
Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department

Get your team ready and sign up today for the 1st Annual Fire Truck Pull.
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Lets pull together for Lufkin this Christmas in The Pines. Proceeds benefit the Lufkin Parks and Recreation Scholarships and Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.[0]=68.ARAegCjqyWXyhKF79b1aP6QeQjkTdE6lYqbWbh4uhIjnHaRoMnkxB27jXVy4V8zVldZWM1UlXQE9HltuCiexm3ZxQ_gy4oEScwXaiO7pXZHOxgxOZuij0MhtDCswK0CgLkqHfgkUhDCUQ5256EZO8YfpjBUa0_nWo3COVLaqLs1EhlEaplLgY_Wp1SoWW5EBjznHMeGiX7fBg2wS6jwvWdPGYbcuHCuR2xTOgNVhHaTwH4aWIxv0pImX1xXf_UUdUVvh9et7vuPyz76ktBbGanR3ciPUkIpk6qnovypCj5vKay1gBdQXqwe_vW_mEF_L6DVkjy6zlHl9zykHjndNW3YDwY-Pl0H2MhcYBr-_LVCJSUTPv2Sbww

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