The City of Lufkin Offices are closed today due to the amount of snow that we got yesterday. That includes City Hall, Kurth Memorial Library, Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter, Ellen Trout Zoo, and Parks & Recreation. Lufkin Schools were also closed and students got a snow day.

The Lufkin Police and Fire Department, and the City of Lufkin Solid Waste drivers were out just like any other day. They have a job to do that won't get done any other time, and we appreciate them out there working in the cold, wet, and snow.

Just like mail carriers, they are out there there no matter what the conditions, making our lives more livable. Cleaning up the messes of our modern society. Thanks to these guys, and all of the solid waste workers out there in Deep East Texas, taking it slow, and doing what sometimes is an unappreciated job this morning.

City of Lufkin
City of Lufkin

From the left, Solid Waste drivers Oscar Roach, Johnie Schrader, Nathan Glenn and Forrest Tipps.

We have had a lot of changes in the past few months with our City of Lufkin solid waste. We had our blue bins taken up, or kept for a $5 extra fee per month for regular waste.

The City of Lufkin Solid Waste Department has always been a well oiled machine. It takes some very early mornings and long days to make that happen. For residents like me it's a stress free and incredibly important part of our lives that we don't really have to think about that much. Thanks to these guys that make that possible.

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