Back in September when the City of Lufkin was in budget deliberations they made the hard decision to stop our curbside recycling program...eventually. Perhaps even as soon as 2021. This morning I moved my blue bin to the curb, just like I do once a week, and it's still getting picked up. I guess that means not yet.

Enter Angelina Beautiful Clean. They have made a suggestion to the city to privatize our curbside recycling service. The City of Lufkin seems to be receptive to the message. Curbside recycling in the City of Lufkin isn't going away, it's just going to look a little different. It might be a little harder on our end though.

Most curbside recycling plans in other cities put the onus on the user to sort thought the various recyclable materials. We could end up with many small bins. With a little more sorting and cleaning to do with our recyclables. That's perfectly fine with me, just a thought, as I have seen it in many other places.

Even if you aren't in the City of Lufkin proper with a blue bin, you know you can still recycle. It is a little less covenant, but the recycling center is really close to Walmart and you might go through that area a lot anyway.

I am glad I am not the only one that was more than a little disappointed that this was going away. Recycling is the way to go, and it keeps trash out of the landfill, so I am all for it.

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