Here she is! Our 10th winner got a chance to come all the way from Nacogdoches to pick up her prize pack today. She had to come in after hours and I didn't have a key to the room with the prize in it. So imagine me and Danny Merrell with a slim jim and a giant flat head screwdriver getting the door open. Jodie Derryberry was our final London 2012 Olympic Winner she didn't have to imagine it she got to see it in person tonight. She was our winner for the last Friday of the competition a couple of weeks ago. She picked up the Coca Cola Duffel bag, 4 Hats, 4 Shirts and a case of Olympic Cans full of delicious Coca Cola. Our Grand Prize winner of a Flat Screen TV from Coca-Cola is next


. Look for our NOS giveaway starting next Monday August 20th, you could be the next winner!
Here is Jodie winning on the air!