VRchat is a game on steam, most people wear a virtual reality headset and communicate with others. Once you get inside you'll find that It's mostly used to stomp memes into the dirt. What meme's I don't really know, I'm sure there are lots of inside jokes, because everything was really weird in there.

I guess this is a world for people that don't really care for their real life. They seem to be very invested in being in the world, and it has certain rules and clicks. The hierarchy is hard to understand, but I guess if you have been in there since day one, you get it.

This is a lot different than just a video game. This is a game changer. This new technology of the VR headsets has made the creation of this virtual world a possibility. There are mini games inside, like capture the flag, and I played that one. But the social side of the world is where things get a little strange. Watching everyone hit on "girls" (James assured me they were dudes) and gather around them and chat them up was disconcerting.

The platform has been up and running for almost a year, and it's just now really getting mainstream. Watch the video, and see me try to fit in.