Tommy Wiseau’s The Room was never really gone — it’s had cult midnight screenings at various locales around the country pretty much since it was released — but with the advent of The Disaster Artist, The Room is having something of a resurgence. Tons of people eager to see the brothers Franco acting together in a movie for the first time, playing two bizarre people who could only be described as icons, are all dying to know if their local indie theater’s screening of The Room is something they should see in order to “get” The Disaster Artist (yes, it is). Depending on where you live, it’s not too hard to catch a screening, and Tommy Wiseau wants to make it even more accessible.

When a fan tweeted at Wiseau asking whether The Room will get a fancy re-release, Wiseau answered that he had something much bigger planned.

There’s no telling if this is in any way legit, but The Room in 3D would certainly be something to see. It just went wide for the very first time earlier this month for a day, but that’s not nearly enough. Is it likely that people would pay the kind of money you have to shell out for a 3D movie to see that football really pop out of the screen? Would the theaters allow spoons? It sounds nuts, but this might not be a bad idea: The Room is the rare terrible movie that’s actually a joy to watch.

Or maybe we could just take this guy’s advice:

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