Do you even goat, bro? I took some time to converse with a goat at my sisters house. I really didn't think they would have much to say!

I was hanging in Carthage at my sisters house, and we were moving a deep fryer on her mini ranch. If that's not country I don't know what is. This was back during mothers day, and I had totally forgot that I recorded this video on my phone. Here it is in all of its glory. I am trying to have a conversation with a goat. It actually worked out fairly well. Even though we don't speak the same language, there is an extensive question and answer segment. My sister has this goat, a bunch of rabbits, and a couple of horses. Its a regular petting zoo over there. This could be the beginning of a great series!

Let's have some fun with this! We can name this goat. Comment your goat names below. My sister already named her "Nelly" but I think we can go better.

This makes me wonder what other things I could do with goats. I have never ridden a goat. Insert your goat jokes below.

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