Kurth Memorial Animal Services in Lufkin works hard to rehome lost cats and dogs across Lufkin and surrounding areas. If you follow their Facebook page your feed will be littered with big puppy dog eyes and tiny baby kittens.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024 their mission of rehoming animals was the same, but the animal was different. A farm animal was found in Lufkin.

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5 Month Old Baby Pygmy Goat Could Be Up For Adoption

A male pygmy goat was picked up on Englewood Drive. He has white fur and blue eyes with little nubs for horns.

The animals get names when arriving at the shelter, and this little guy is no different. They are given normal people's names like Kane, Beth, Lance, or Jack.

The Sorting Hat Gave This Little Guy A Prestigious Name

This goat is different, so they had to have a little fun. The pygmy goat will be known as Dumbledore during his stay at the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.


With fur the color of Dumbledore's long beard in the Harry Potter movies, it was an easy choice. You can rename him if you adopt him, just like all the other animals at the shelter.

Someone reading this right now might need to count their goats. If you come up short you can call the Animal Shelter at 936-633-0218.

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If no one claims him after the 10-day stray hold he will be up for adoption. You might see Dumbledore at your next goat yoga session.

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