It's been a minute since I've done 'Dan's Day Trips'. 'With all this stuff going on' lots of places have been closed. The entertainment industry has been devastated. I've got a great idea for a family day trip - Grapeland Safari. They are open, and have plans in place to keep you safe and healthy.

This is like a drive in movie, but with animals. Drive in movie theaters have popped up  all over the country, because it keeps everyone safe. Grapeland Safari is a great way to maintain social distance, while enjoying animals viewed from the safety of your car.

Grapeland Safari is open every day, from 9am - 6pm. This time of year (summer) it's best to go in the early mornings or later in the evenings. Blistering hot days like today have the animals seeking shade. That could be a positive thing, if you don't want animals putting their heads in your car. If they do, and you don't want them there, they advise you to just slowly drive away.

Grapeland is exactly a one hour drive from Lufkin or Nacogdoches. It's directly on the other side of the Davy Crockett National Forest. Thirteen miles straight north of Crockett.

The attraction is  $12.95 per person, they take cash or cards. You get to see a lot for the price. They have a wide variety of animals. Buffalo, Giant Tortoises, Goats, Camels, Zebras, Deer...oh my.

For more information CLICK HERE.

  • Children 1 & Under free
  • Free cup of feed with admission
  • Groups of 20 or more $9.95 per person.  Free cup of feed included.
  • Only three people at a time allowed in the gift shop

Grapeland Safari
13440 Us Highway 287 N
Grapeland, Texas 75844

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