At the time I'm writing this, our company is doing a "Destination Relaxation" giveaway with only a week left in the contest. This content still applies today.

The giveaway is worth $600, and actually comes in the form of a $200 gift card to and a Visa gift card worth $400.

I don't know if you missed the giveaway by the time you're reading this but I wanted to go over my thoughts on this type of giveaway and the general idea of taking breaks in the Fall.

  • Alicia_Garcia

    Was This Timed Well?

    Short answer: Yes

    I don't want to upset my corporate overlords, but as this giveaway timed well? The contest ends on October 6th. but my initial thought is that it should have begun in the Spring and ended right before Summer so people could maybe plan a little vacation.

    Upon further consideration however, I realized that this might be the perfect time for a grown up getaway. Parents can recharge a little and drop the kids at the grandparents' house. Then take a mini vacation for a weekend.

    I suppose you could also hoard the prizes and use or gift them during the holidays.

    Plus I remembered we totally did do a vacation giveaway before Summer started.

  • hxdyl

    $400 Visa Card

    It's cool that we present the giveaway as a vacation sort of thing, but I probably wouldn't use that Visa gift card on anything regarding my mini-getaway.

    That money can be used for all sorts of good stuff, and once we hand it over, it's yours to do whatever you want.

    For me, I'd maybe get some books, dvds, or puzzles which would be relaxing "vacation" for my brain.

    Actually, I'd probably just get a ton of groceries. Groceries are relaxing, right?

  • thinkstock

    East Texas Placement

    Many people complain about living here and say they want to move to a bigger city, but I say where we are is the perfect place to live. Leave those big cities for your vacation spots within driving distance.

    I don't want to deal with the Houston traffic every day, but I'd spend a day shopping there. Give me that $200 gift card so I have a place to recharge before I go home with my $400 worth of comics or clothes.

    Maybe I'd save the prize for until there is a convention in either Austin or Dallas. Either way, NOT living in those cities makes it a special occasion when I do get around to visiting them. Plus, I always find some reason to really miss being in back in the smaller towns.

  • 4

    Even Closer

    The Fredonia Hotel is on I bet less than a 10th of folks from Lufkin/Nac/Diboll have thought to stay at the Fredonia for anything other than their special events.

    If you're like me, the idea of having to plan a relaxing getaway actually stresses me out. I'll just go to the town 30 minutes away, stay a few nights, and refer to the second item list in this article for the rest.

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