A man of his word, BBQ and Kickball games happened in Lufkin today.

Star Dallas Cowboy Wide Receiver Dez Bryant started a little more than he planned on with promises of kickball and BBQ today in Lufkin. Over a thousand people showed up and hit the serving line. Pinkerton's Barbecue from Houston brought everything they could cook, and looks like everyone was getting a plate. Kit McConoco park was brimming with excitement. Bounce houses for the kids, music blaring, and free haircuts for the kids. Some of this still going on while I type this.

Dez Bryant - Via Facebook
Dez Bryant - Via Facebook

This flyer was put out, but makes no mention of Dez, showing up, but show up he did!

Kids under each arm, smiling from ear to ear. Giving back to the community that has supported him the most though the years. This was a first for Lufkin, and a dream come true for a lot of kids here. Everyone is clamoring for a picture with the local football star turned Pro.

Dez original post on his facebook started quite the stir online. Everyone was ready to see the most famous Lufkin Panther have a little fun before heading back to the NFL for camp.

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