Diboll Day is Saturday October 6th, a celebration that is only held every other year. I think that's pretty sensible.  Starts off with a parade Saturday at 9am.

I remember marching in the Diboll Day parade back in 1990 something in the High School or Jr. High Band. It's all a little fuzzy at this point. I remember holding a huge white tuba.

This is a very interesting and family oriented event. Mostly unchanged since the first one in 1953. After the parade everyone heads to Old Orchard Park to enjoy a small town festival type atmosphere.

The biggest part of Diboll Day is the coronation of the Diboll Day Queen. Diboll Day Queens have always been picked based on who raised the most money. Supporters this year held various events as a way to raise money. Funds go towards city projects like the Diboll Booster Club and more. The candidate that raises the most money earns the privilege of being crowned Diboll Day Queen. Diboll Day 2018 is the 36th celebration of community pride in Diboll.



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