The Angelina County and Cities Health District check that all the restaurants in Lufkin, Zavalla, Huntington, and Diboll are clean and up to code. They are also in charge of other businesses that might not be restaurants, but conduct retail food services.

This includes stores like Dollar General. In Lufkin, on May 1st the health inspector stopped into the Dollar General located at 1707 Deans Way off Gaslight.

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Their report started on a bad note, mentioning things they likely noted in the past that had not been addressed, like a leaking water fountain. They found rodent droppings under shelves, in the back store room, and in the break room.

Health Department Pulls Expired Baby Food At Lufkin Dollar General Location

They found and pulled twenty-two separate baby food items from the shelves that had expired on February 6, 2024. They also noted that half of the overhead lighting was not operational. They issued a closure of the business for 10 days specifically due to the rodent infestation.

It has been over 10 days, so hopefully that gave them time to get these things under control and reopen the store.

Another Round Of Health Inspections Done In Angelina County

The Angelina County and Cities Health District has released another round of health inspections. These all took place between March 25 and May 9, 2024.

The published these inspections on June 15, 2024. These reports do not talk about the quality of the food, only the cleanliness of the restaurant, school, or business.

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Angelina County Restaurant Inspection Violations Spring 2024

These restaurants and schools were inspected by the Angelina County and Cities Health District from March 25 to May 9, 2024. Notes and violations indicate how clean an establishment is, and are not a reflection on the quality or taste of the food. Source: The Lufkin Daily News

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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