Now you can, for the first time in Lufkin, UberX where you want.

The Angelina County Chamber of Commerce has just released information that Lufkin is going to be updating its ride sharing laws, to allow UberX and other types of services in our community. On Wednesday, September 27, Uber will launch operations in Lufkin.

It would be great way for people to make some extra money, and since cabs never really took off here, this might be an alternative to public transit for people. I know there have been times that I could have used the service. If for nothing else than when I drop off my car to be repaired, I don't have to wait for a courtesy van, or bug a friend to take me there.

Having this as an option would be great, but the service has been available in Nacogdoches, but looks like our car culture is still a bit behind the times. I have heard rumors that drivers just didn't have enough interest from the community to garner someone getting full time employment.

In any large city, there are lots of ride sharing options, but are people here willing to start riding with strangers, what do you think about these type services? Let us know in the comments.

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