This movie is for people. I don't know which people, but not the general public.

I have seen a lot of movies. When I sit down to watch a movie sometimes, the only thing that I saw was the trailer. The trailer for Dunkirk, was pretty good. There were lots of explosions. I was down to go to the theater to watch it.

But that is where the fun ended. The movie was made/targeted at one thing. Oscar glory. This was a movie for people that study movies. This was not a Superbowl, this was a regular season game for your favorite team. I was glad that Harry Stiles was in it. I think he might have had 5 lines in the movie. That alone was impressive, because I think each character was limited to that many. The script for this movie could fit on a regular sheet of notebook paper, front and back.

Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

The realism, the imagery, the 70mm film, set in one week, one day and one hour.....well I didn't know any of that going in, or during the movie to be honest. I just had some friends that said they wanted to go see it. They told me it was Christopher Nolan. Didn't he do a Batman movie. Great, lets watch.

Sorry I'm not cool enough to care about this one. I still haven't seen Spiderman or Wonder Woman. Who wants to go to the movies.