This movie is for people. I don't know which people, but not the general public.

I have seen a lot of movies. When I sit down to watch a movie sometimes, the only thing that I saw was the trailer. The trailer for Dunkirk, was pretty good. There were lots of explosions. I was down to go to the theater to watch it.

But that is where the fun ended. The movie was made/targeted at one thing. Oscar glory. This was a movie for people that study movies. This was not a Superbowl, this was a regular season game for your favorite team. I was glad that Harry Stiles was in it. I think he might have had 5 lines in the movie. That alone was impressive, because I think each character was limited to that many. The script for this movie could fit on a regular sheet of notebook paper, front and back.

Harry Styles New York Dunkirk Movie Premiere
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

The realism, the imagery, the 70mm film, set in one week, one day and one hour.....well I didn't know any of that going in, or during the movie to be honest. I just had some friends that said they wanted to go see it. They told me it was Christopher Nolan. Didn't he do a Batman movie. Great, lets watch.

Sorry I'm not cool enough to care about this one. I still haven't seen Spiderman or Wonder Woman. Who wants to go to the movies.

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