People across East Texas are setting their DVR's to record Dr.Phil this Friday and Monday. Even people that don't normally watch the show, are interested in getting a glimpse into the world of the Church Of Wells. In a two part series, including video inside the compound, Dr.Phil is taking a long look at the controversial church in Angelina County. Hearing the stories about things that are going on right in our county is very surreal.

He revealed that they have access to the internet, and even a television. So they should be able to listen to our station, read this, and be a usual part of the community. But it seems they have a set of rules that prevents such activities. They have phones in all of the houses on the compounds, and can at least call around from home to home in their facility. The Church of Wells deny all of these accusations stated in the show, and have refused to comment beyond that. Even our local Sheriffs department was quoted on the show. "We haven't had any problems with the Church Of Wells in years." I was thinking the same thing.

Kathrine Grove has been there since 2013, and the official word from the church and from Kathrine herself say she is there of her own accord. This situation will be the focus of the episode Monday.


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