Time to see some big trucks on a drag strip is almost here. The Truckers Showdown is September 13th 2019 at 6pm and continues to September 14th at 10pm at Pine Valley Raceway. There will be a "Show and Shine", Truck Pulls and my favorite, the Truck Drag Races. I can't wait some huge metal going down the strip again. Organizers promise that it will be even better than last year.

Around East Texas lots of trucks has always been a thing. If you have lived here for very long you have been behind a log truck. They are just a fact of life. Getting behind one really some slow going. Especially from a stop sign or a tall hill. These trucks are different than the ones on the roads.Heavily modified trucks with diesel engines will ng down the track faster than you could imagine.

I heard years ago that if an unloaded tractor trailer raced a Lamborghini long enough or from a rolling start, they would win. Acceleration might be slow to start, but unloaded they could go almost 200 miles and hour and get there quickly. I don't know if that still stands today, since all sports cars have gotten so much horsepower recently.

They are looking for sponsors and booths start at just $250. If this is something that you would be interested in seeing, just take a minute to check out their facebook event page to find out more details. Seems like a well organized family friendly event. Can't wait to see it.




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