Over the weekend, Al Meyer Ford in Lufkin did a great thing for Crime Stoppers in Lufkin. For each vehicle test drove, the dealership gave $20 to the organization. I took advantage of that to the max.

I only had limited time in between live breaks we were doing at the the location, so I had to be back in a hurry. I wanted to help out, but I also really wanted to drive the drop top Mustang 5.0 with the drop top down, so my hair could blow.  Whipping around the loop, channeling Vanilla Ice, who coincidentally I met once, and was star stuck.

But much to my chagrin, during the limited time that I had, the Mustang was being ridden by another cowboy. I saw all the big trucks lined up, ready to be driven as well.  But there was, alone, lost in a sea of vehicles.  It was the most beautiful fully loaded Sea Foam Ford Fiesta. Almost as soon as i got in, I was really blown away by the fact that it had every option in the world.


I really put it though it's paces. It only had 15 miles on it, so I think I should have been a little less on the throttle, but it sounded so good.


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