Autumn is here. Depending on where you are in East Texas, you might not know the Fall season has begun, what with our evergreen pine trees and super Texas heat. Some leaves start to turn brown, pumpkin spice starts to appear on menus, and creepy clowns start popping up all over the news.

We've been seeing reports in other areas about clown sightings. Police have asked the public to dial 911 when a clown is spotted, and some residents have proclaimed that they wanted to go "clown hunting," to put an end to it. Living in Texas, we're pretty sure nobody is going to try to dress as a clown and wander the streets because of a few good reasons.

Off the top of our heads, we're in Texas so it goes without saying you can assume most folks are carrying a firearm. You would feel pretty stupid dying in a clown costume, wouldn't you? Don't expect sympathy or people rushing forward to help a bloody clown wriggling on the ground in the dark either.

Not only are clowns being arrested, but people making false claims of clown sightings are also being arrested in other states. We're not sure what the laws are being broken for dressing as a clown and walking around, but we're guessing they are being arrested for their own safety.

Even if you aren't gunned down by a normal person with the right to carry a firearm, there are plenty of other crazies we share the Piney Woods with, and who knows what they'll do if they spot a demented clown in the woods. It's just not worth the risk. It's also a waste of police time when they have to investigate these sightings, and that is obstruction of law.

There are plenty of ways to get in the Halloween spirit, and many of which don't involve putting yourself in danger, or scaring the bejesus out of your fellow East Texans. Luckily there haven't been any clown sightings that we know of in the area. But if you see something say something and comment on this post!

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