The Ellen Trout Zoo Summer Camp is coming up fast. Actually a little too fast for the current Covid-19 partial lock-down situation that we are in. The Zoo Safari Summer Camp is still going to happen, but so far they have only approved the last week.

Running a summer camp amid all of these restrictions has got to be a nightmare. Having fun, at 25% capacity isn't really a thing. Most places have opened up to around 50% capacity but we are still over a month away from what I would consider 'back to normal.'

The Ellen Trout Zoo first and foremost has the safety off all the students, animals, and staff in mind. They have to also take into consideration the families back at home, that will pick up these kids when they are done.

The Zoo Safari Summer Camp is going to be ran much differently this time around. They will be observing social distancing rules. There will be even more stringent cleaning, sanitizing, and hand washing procedures.

They are cancelling week one and two of the summer, with no virtual camp option. If you already registered for camp that week you can get a full refund. Just contact the Zoo Education Department for your money back.

They are tentatively hopeful that by week three they will be able to have students in the zoo.  The dates for week 3 are June 15th-June 19th. Keep in mind that this is a fluid situation and they could not start summer camp at all if things change that are beyond their control.

If you already registered for summer camp, check your email for more updates from the Ellen Trout Zoo.

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