There is a lot going on out in the forests of East Texas. Just driving around town you might not notice any deer.

It's when you are on those long country roads that deer on the move can become a roadway hazard. Be on the lookout for the yellow diamond-shaped signs that let you know you are in a high-traffic area for deer.

Driving in the pre-dawn hours and just after sunset is prime time for accidents. Vehicle crashes are already beginning to happen and TxDot would like to remind drivers of the dangers involved with deer hits.

“The increased traffic and the scent of humans in East Texas rural wooded areas will drive deer to move, which many times means they will cross the roadway,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer.

Where Are The Deer

I occasionally head to Crockett from Lufkin. It's such a long drive that it's hard to stay diligent about watching the roadsides for deer. Going down Highway 103 you just have to look for red or green eyes.

Driving down Highway 59/I69 recently I saw a deer that was hit on the side of the road. I never had that issue in the area, but it shows that it's possible.

If you are driving at night down a twisty two-lane road be on the lookout. Scan the tree line when you put your brights on as this will illuminate their eyes, so you will know to slow down and be ready to break. 

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Hard breaking when a deer is in your lane might be the one thing that saves you. Put on your seatbelt and keep it between the lines

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