If you have been putting off getting your Covid-19 shot, now is the time. Infection rates are up, and you might be finally convinced that this is something you need to do.

So what's the next step? The Angelina County & Cities Health District is now vaccinating individuals ages 12 and up for free. You just walk in and walk out.

Just visit 503 Hill Street in Lufkin, Texas and you can get your vaccine from 8am-4:30pm though Wed Aug 11th. They are ready to give out these life saving shots.

I'm Still Not Certain

Things and thoughts change, so if yours has and you have decided to get the shot, that is a big step. Some people just haven't gotten around to it.

If you get the Covid vaccine or not, at least you will know what to do when you are ready. Millions of people have been vaccinated at this point, and FDA approval is near.

There are some people with existing conditions that need to consult their doctors before getting a shot. If you are one of those people, set up a consultation and be certain that it's right for your specific issue.

I Need More Information 

Find out exactly all the days and times this week they are giving the shot and where with this website. CLICK HERE 

You can also call them at 936-630-8500 for more details about where to get the shot.

Walk-in's are welcome, so you don't have to worry about any of that if you don't want to. Pass this information along to your friends that are ready to get the vaccine.

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