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  • Keep super cool this summer
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It's not even summer and we are already dealing with over 100-degree temps and a high heat index all over the Lone Star State. The humidity is hovering around 80% and things are steamy.

If at least one of your co-workers has uttered the dreaded Texas phrase "hot enough for you" then it's time to bust out a secret weapon that is on every car with air conditioning.

When you regularly deal with this heat, you learn a few tips and tricks. Knowing which button on your dash will keep you cooler and when to press it is vital.

When To Hit The Recirculate Button On Your Air Conditioner in Texas 

TSM Lufkin/Canva
TSM Lufkin/Canva

Though the button looks different on all kinds of cars, you are looking for the recirculate feature. Using it correctly will cool off you and your passengers as quickly as possible.

When I first come up to a hot car I open the door, get in, and start it while leaving my door open. I then put down the passenger side window and shut the door, hoping that some of the hot air goes out when you do.

The AC should already be on at this point, but while the inside of your car is still hotter than it is outside, you don't want the recirculate button on. Once the car has cooled off a little and it is cooler inside than outside, hit that recirculate button.

That will take the cool air you just created in the car, recapture it and continue to cool that same air. Here are some other tips that will help you when getting inside a car that is over 100 degrees.

  • Battery powered fans
  • Crack a window
  • Sun shield in the front glass
  • Ceramic window tint

Your car gets hot out there, and there are many things you shouldn't leave in your car this summer in Texas.

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