Looking for a used car online is sometimes just requires a little finesse. I'm always interested in what can be bought in the area for very little money. If you are in the market for a cash car, something just to be driven, and then dumped once it breaks down, here are some hints.

First of all there are lots of cars on facebook. The issue is that some of them are free, and some are paid listings. You never know really, until you click on them. Sometimes they show the down payment as the "price" and it is misleading. Just as in real life, if it's too good to be true it most likely is.

Put in your town as the location, and in my case I put in Lufkin, and selected up to 82 miles away. This way you won't get bogged down by all the cars in major metropolitan areas. Part of the savings is not having to go too far to look at the vehicles, or to get them back home. Most cash cars, you only want to drive in town, in case of mechanical failure.

Then put in your price range. I put in 2,000 - 5,000 to weed out the ones that like to put 0 as a price. Then to get rid of the fake ones with a down payment as the price, I put the year from 1900-2013. Don't get bogged down on any of the other buttons. Bothering with vehicle type in this category, is not a great idea either.

I found a 2004 Mini Cooper with 119,000 miles for 2,500. I also found a 2003 Ford Mustang V8 with 200,000 miles for 3,500. Some people put realistic prices on things, some put about twice what they expect to get, to give them some negotiation room.

Either way, you might find something you are just interested in enough, to drive around town till it falls apart.



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