This weekend if you are looking for food trucks, Sams Club is the place in Lufkin. The people that run these food trucks must all be great customers at Sams. They are all going to set up out in the parking lot. Starting on Friday, you can check the schedule on the guide below to find your favorite trucks. 58 Junction, Kona Ice, El Coco Loco, Shali's, and lots more, at different times will be set up around the area.

If you love going to food trucks when you are out of town, you really need to try all of the different offerings around here. This is such an eclectic bunch of food trucks. If you are looking for a bunch of different foods to try all in one place, this is where you need to be at some point. So check out all of the offerings below, times, and get yourself a time when your favorite truck is there.

One thing that you don't think of when you are visiting all these local trucks, you are supporting a local business. This money will stay right in your community, usually without any franchise fees, and other overhead that isn't spent here in our local community. So if you think about it, not only are you following your stomach to some good food, you are also following your heart, and helping local businesses.

Dan Patrick