Driving down Chestnut last week, I noticed a food truck set up at the Lufkin/Angelina Chamber of Commerce. I'll have to admit, that I was thinking how nice it was for all the people working there to get food right on site. Little did I know, it wasn't just for the people that work at the Chamber, though I am sure they take advantage of the situation.

This coming Wednesday 3/10/21 there will once again be a food truck out front of the Chamber building. This time will be Chambers Smokehouse, serving up some BBQ right there in the parking lot. It all gets started around 11am, but I am sure they will be there early and the entire block will smell delicious.

Chambers Smokehouse food truck is setting up all over the Pineywoods. You can find them out in Lufkin, or Nacogdoches in business parking lots or events. They pop up, and they always bring something special. I have seen Smokehouse Grilled Cheese, Chili, BBQ Potatoes, and all the BBQ staples. I've even seen their interpretation of an eggs benedict sandwich, for a brunch they did.

The BBQ looks great, and I would get there early to see what they have before they run out of the good stuff. Ribs, sausage, and brisket are staples of this food truck, and I know they will have a bit of everything.

Thanks to the Angelina County Chamber of Commerce for showcasing our local food trucks. Their survival during these trying times is very important. I think local food trucks perfectly reflect the culture of our area. 

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