As if we needed another excuse to hit the drive-thru, here we go again, thanks a lot McDonalds. Ronald McDonald is showing out and is trying to make up for always having a broken ice cream machine. You know exactly what I am talking about, rolling up to McDonald's and promising yourself that you'll treat yourself with a nice little ice cream just to be told: "It's broken". Your heart knew it, McDonald's likes to break our hearts that way.

Get ready for "Free Fries on Fry Day,". You get a medium fry with a $1 purchase. How it breaks down is you get one free fry per order once every Friday until June 28th. Download McDonald's Mobile Order & Pay app, and after 11:00 a.m. hit the "deals" button, from there click the button describing the Free Fries, Fry Day option.

You get one free fry order per registered user. So, get your favorite french fry buddy or buddies and plan to drive up to McDonald's getting your FriYay on with free fries from the golden arches. MIght we add, the best snack that ever existed is the coke and french fries from McDonald's combo. Your trainer and nutritionist may not agree with us, but they aren't hooking you up with killer deals these days are they?

If you claim your free fries on Friday, make sure you send a selfie our way.


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