In a story that I have been following, one of Lufkin's famous eateries, Mom's Diner has been closed since Monday pending test results from an employee exhibiting flu like symptoms. As soon as the management was aware that there was an issue Saturday they closed. At the time they were only doing drive through.

They have remained closed since then out of an abundance of caution. Of course Mom's has been super transparent about the issue from the start on their facebook page. They made an announcement this past Sunday that they were awaiting the test results.

Tuesday they made the decision to stay closed until Monday May 18th. Today test results have come in and it's not good news. They got word from the Angelina County Health District that their employee did indeed test positive for Coronavirus. They are taking direction from the Health Department and following their recommendations on what to do next.

The management didn't have to be this open and honest about what they were going through. Even though they had just recently reopened again, they have closed their doors. They have put our health over their income. Their employees aren't getting paid right now, and customers are not getting fed.

I really think that they are most sad about the fact that they can't feed the people of this town. They treat every customer like family, and when tough decisions come their way, they just think "What would Mom do." It's a pretty good bet that they are doing right by Mom.  When they open their doors again, the customers will be there.

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