While our Business Office Manager was out picking up some new plastic tables for us at Home Depot today, someone wrapped her office in toilet paper.  I call it 'terlet paper' because it's fun to say, and it's not really toilet paper.  It's one ply.  Real toilet paper is soft and has names like ULTRA and STRONG.  This is John Wayne toilet paper.

I think its a good idea to have lots of cheap toilet paper around the office, and our BOM is the one that buys it.  So I think it's only fitting that it wrap her desk. Now no one has come forward yet, but we have some guilty parties under close scrutiny.   And to put the rumors to rest, it wasn't me!  I ain't got time for that!  Fun stuff like this keeps up office moral, this way a few sheets of cheap terlet paper become priceless!

What pranks have you done, or seen, at your office?