Spring Break is around the corner and your kids don't want to be bored? Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation is willing to show your kids a good time for five days.

If you have a kid between 5 and 12 years old, they'll keep 'em happy, learning, and productive during what normally would be school hours between the dats of March 12th and 16th.

It's less about trying to get away from your kids, and more about keeping them active while school is out. Having the routine of still getting up and being part of something can do wonders for when they return to school. Aha! Parenting did an article giving 7 ways routines can benefit your kids. With each holiday season, comes a disruption to that order.

Families will send lunches with their kids, but the Parks and Recreation staff will provide the snacks for the morning and afternoon.

This Spring Break Camp sounds pretty fun, if you have the moolah, that is. $90 to get your kid signed up, but again, they are keeping your kid socializing and entertained for 5 days and providing snacks twice each day.

I'm not trying to say you can't keep your kids entertained for the entirety of Spring Break, but if your kids want to hang out with other kids, and you'd prefer it to be in a safe, controlled environment, this might be the answer for you.

Registration to get your kids signed up begins on February 12th, and will close once they have 12 kids signed up for the 5 - 8 age group, and 12 kids signed up for the 9 - 12 age group. It's first come, first served so don't let your kids miss out on Spring Break Camp.

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