The only HEB in the Dallas-Fort Worth area had its grand opening today, September 21, 2022 at 6 am. As you can imagine area residents have been chomping at the bit to get into this place, since rumors of it being built first surfaced.

The store at 4800 Main Street is right off the Dallas North Tollway. They had planned on having huge crowds at the opening to the point that the local police put up multiple barricades off Legacy and Main Street.

The Frisco PD even put out this informational map to help people navigate the area. It's a good thing they planned in advance because Texas loves their HEB stores and came out in force.

A Grand Opening As Big As Texas For New HEB In Dallas

Frisco Police Department via Facebook
Frisco Police Department via Facebook

It was still dark outside of Dallas in Frisco, Texas when people started lining up for the grand opening today. Clearly HEB is more than a grocery store to us here in Texas.

Some people were rumored to have been camping out in the parking lot for days before the opening. The lure of getting a freshly made tortilla to snack on while shopping was just too great.

Suprisingly this is the first HEB in the Dallas Metroplex, so I can understand their excitement. The Kerrville, Texas based store can be found thoughout Texas now, but for a long time they were mostly in the San Antonio area.

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First HEB Store In Dallas Opens To Huge Crowds

Check out this TikTok from the grand opening this morning to see the crowds. You can even hear a marching band playing in the background. I think the same thing would happen if Nacogdoches ever got an HEB.

@dallas_texastv The line at H E B grand opening in Frisco this morning (via IG: cwctw) #foru#fyp♬ original sound - Dallas Texas TV

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