A replica of an iconic movie car earning attention in Lufkin is for sale.

If you have driven past 2 point in the past few weeks, you might have seen an iconic movie car at the corner of Denman and Chestnut. The vehicle is in front of Weaver Car Care, and people have started taking notice.

We saw this 1973 Super Beetle, which means it's 2 inches longer than a regular beetle, and just had to stop and ask about it.

During this time, I was thinking I should sell my current Camaro and see what it was like to be a beetle guy. Being a beetle owner puts you in a rare club, even though more beetles were made than Model T's, they have a rabid fan base. There are so many parts out there for the vehicles, that all you would really need is a VIN number to build one brand new from scratch.


So I took my co-worker Jeff to take a look at it with me under the guise that I really wanted to purchase the vehicle. Once there, I was amazed at the interior condition. Plus with it's newly reduced price, who wouldn't want to turn heads with this movie car.  Only very few Super Beatles had AC, and they were all after market add ons. So unless this was a very rare bird, I was going to be sweating it out. But you never know, the price has been reduced, I might just have to pick it up. But you might just beat me to it.

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