UPDATE: This particular run of the 'Christmas on Us' giveaway has ended.

We're giving the East Texas community a way to help some very deserving families in our neighborhood.

We want to thank everyone that came together to nominate the families they believed deserved a break this Christmas.

The families have been chosen based off a few of your suggestions. Here is a submission we got from a caring community member;

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the recipient.

Dear Joy Fund,

Hello, my name is Sam, and I am hoping you will consider a family I know for the Joy Fund. Just this week, a young lady that my mother works with had a house fire. She did not have insurance and her family lost everything, just a little over a week before Christmas.

Ashley and her husband Charlie have been digging through the rubble but have not found anything. They have two children, nine year old Emily and eleven year old Mark. Emily is a sweet girl who wrote a letter to Santa asking for a basketball and net so she could play with her brother outside. She likes Guardians of the Galaxy and girly things… she is very sad right now, because she received a new puppy right before the fire who unfortunately perished, as they were not able to get it out in time. Mark, her brother, loves wrestling and Star Wars.

The only reason the family was not at home was because they had strep throat, and Ashley was at the doctor with the kids. Charlie, the dad, has been at the site trying to find any personal items, and he is still sick. Ashley’s brother offered a temporary place for them to live, but their short term plan is to stay with Ashley’s dad until they have saved enough for a new home. Just today, they had mattresses delivered for the children but they do not have anything else, but clothes and a red cross bag with toiletries.

Ashley is a sweet lady whose customers love her. She is very giving and doesn’t like to ask for help. But she is very grateful when she receives it. She is very humble and her co workers, including my mom, are crying over what they can do to help her. Ashley and Charlie are wonderful parents who care a lot for their kids and just want the best for them.

Please help this family have some semblance of a Christmas and hopefully a start for a new home. It’s a terrible time of year to lose everything for your whole family. Thanks so much Joy Fund, ~ Sam

We've teamed up with Badder's Law Firm to get the Joy Fund started, but we need your help to get to the goal we'd like to hit to really make Christmas special for these deserving families.

To help out, and make a donation, click this link, or the link below.

Again, we'd like to thank Badders Law Firm for making this all possible.

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