I went to prom my senior year back in 2005, and I remember paying $60 for my dress, and $40 on gas for my car to get to the venue. My friends and I didn't rent a limo or anything, because we all lived in different cities, and since were part of the Prom Committee, we had to be there early to set up and organize the event.  A friend of our family was a hairdresser, so she charged me $15 for an updo, and the cost of my necklace and matching earrings came to $20.

So, my total costs for prom (well, my parents' total costs), came to a whopping....  $135!

Now, can you guess how much parents spend on their child's prom in 2012?

A survey done last year by Visa showed the average prom attendee spent $800! And, experts believe that number is expected to climb to more than $1000!

With the state of our economy at the moment, prices have increased on almost everything you can think of, including tickets to attend the prom, photos, limos, gowns and tuxedos, flowers, boutonnieres and corsages and hair and makeup.

Is this a fair price to spend on a child's prom...or do you think it's a bit excessive?  Just think how much you'll be spending on a wedding...

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Here are some more embarrassing pictures of myself - I'm the one wearing the sea foam green dress haha!

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