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  • There is more variety than you think.
  • You don't have to travel hours to get a prom dress.
  • Shop local and brag to all your friends that your awesome dress was acquired locally.

If you live in Deep East Texas we are sometimes trained to think that some things are better just because we got them "anywhere but Lufkin". It's almost like a type of classism. I can afford to get a nice prom dress is level one, and I didn't buy it anywhere around here, which is level two.

I believe I can change that mindset with a little information because there are great places to get a prom dress here. Use the fact that you supported a local business as your flex if you must have one.

Change has to start somewhere, so I recently asked the question on our Facebook page about where you can get a prom dress in Lufkin. I got a few responses that I expected, and a few great ideas that I hadn't thought of.

Get A Prom Dress In Lufkin That Will Wow Your Friends

To get a great dress at a bargain price, many people go to Facebook marketplace or other local classified listings. All of these amazing dresses already exist. If you find something you like, why not go for it? It's at least worth a look.

You can also take a look around Goodwill or the Family Crisis Center Resale Store if saving and recycling is your goal. Here are the top 5 our Facebook audience came up with.

5 Places In Lufkin, Texas To Get A Prom Dress

Need a dress for a special occasion, one of these spots can get you what you need.

Great Places To Take Prom Pictures In Lufkin

Here are some interesting places to take prom pictures in and around Lufkin.









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