Make no mistake these machines are still up and working in Lufkin.

Select red lights inside the Lufkin City Limits, are ringing like cash registers for the city.  Run one, even just a little, and you are basically saying you want to make a donation to the City Of Lufkin.  At least that is how I looked at it.  The red light cameras have been up in Lufkin for almost 10 years.

Traffic Lights and camera
Timothy Epp

I have always been very careful not to get one of these tickets. But this time, I was caught my milliseconds, not over the line. You could see that the light still had some yellow in it, in the picture that they showed me. But I wasn't convinced. You can even go and watch a video of yourself running the light.


Luckily it was very early, and no one was out, but I know it was wrong, and next time, sorry to the people behind me, I am slamming on the breaks.

The fee is $75, but if you submit payment any way other than in person at the new Municipal Court in Downtown Lufkin Via Check, you will actually pay $79. So that's the big hint. Dust off the check book that you got when you opened your account and never used and save yourself a few bucks. They mention that you have lots of different ways to pay but they don't mention that till you get to the fine (get it?) print.

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