Breaking News from Hudson ISD today on the high school campus. A student has been arrested for the possession of a handgun at the local East Texas Campus.


By JESS HUFF The Lufkin Daily News Sep 16, 2019 Updated 30 min ago

An 18-year-old student at Hudson ISD was arrested Monday afternoon for carrying a handgun on the high school campus, a text from the school's superintendent Donny Webb said.The student has not been identified or booked into the Angelina County Jail at this time. A text message sent to Hudson ISD parents said school will continue as usual and that campus is not on lockdown.

“There was no incident. He was very compliant,” Webb said. “We believe this was an isolated incident. My understanding is that the student brought the gun for self-defense and did not bring it with the intent to do harm to the general public.”

Another student told school officials that the 18-year-old may have had a gun. School officials immediately found the teen and searched him, discovering that he was carrying a 9 mm handgun in a fanny pack for self-defense, Webb said.

Webb did not say if this was tied to bullying but said he believes it was related to an issue that started off-campus, although he said that has not yet been confirmed. The Lufkin Daily News will provide updates as they become available.

I have seen a few parents complain on facebook that they didn't get the text. I assume that they don't have children on that campus, as all of Hudson ISD was not affected.

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