In Lufkin the buzz today were some "big city" donuts coming to town. They set up right between the 2 Pawn Shops on Timberland Drive. Driving what looked like a decommissioned ambulance turned portable pop up shop. Pretty interesting concept and it looks like people around Lufkin were really into it. I saw lines early this morning, and people were not disappointed.

It was fully wrapped to show the wares. The emergency donut vehicle looked like it was covered in chocolate today at 509 North Timberland at A&A Auto Sales. People were buying assorted colorful donuts for $16.50 a dozen.There were also huge cinnamon rolls, so large they were filling up a regular dozen donut box.


Living in a small town, I think people here crave anything that is branded successful in a bigger venue. This truck came from Katy (Near Houston) and some how just started selling donuts. I would have to assume they have a local following on social media. Makes me think about all the local businesses here that sell donuts. I am sure they missed out on a couple of sales today, with this mobile truck showing up. Free enterprise, no protection, no real rules to stop it. . Do they have to pay local sales tax while they are here?

I don't know if they are ever coming back, but you never know. I find out all the hot gossip about an hour too late usually. So if you ever see something interesting you can send me a message through the KFox App. Just one big button to get it done!


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