The Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce is still adding teams to the 49th Annual Southern Hushpuppy Championships. You can enter today and see if your tried and true family recipe is the best in the land. Things are going to be a little different this year at the festival. Even the name is different, it's the Fall Forest Festival On First Street. CLICK HERE for the details.

The competition is less than two weeks away on on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. Entries are being taken until Friday November 6th, 2020. Click here for the entry form.  It's just $60 to enter your 4 person team, with a chance at a $1000 prize for first place, $500 second, and $250 marked for third. Best showmanship will get you $500.Admission is free this year if you just want to watch.

Showmanship is always a tough one to win. This year the gauntlet has been thrown down even harder, because anything you bring as always has to be carried in. This year that could be challenge, since it's downtown, you might park even further away from the site of the competition.  So chose your teammates wisely when you think about who is going to drag all that stuff to the competition.

This year no one is allowed to pre-prep ingredients due to Covid restrictions. No premixing, all ingredients must be in a new unopened container. Also this year there will be no electric provided, so it's propane all the way. You might want to practice outside at your house

Yes even though the Forest Festival has been changed and rearranged, we can't forget about tradition. Sign up your team for the 49th Annual Southern Hushpuppy Championships today here.

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