Tyler recently got a downtown mural full of wings that folks can stand in front of and get cool pics for Snapchat, Instagram or whatever.

I am sure you have seen these on various friends Instagram pages. The idea being a wall with a cool background that isn't just pretty, but incorporates the subject (You).

It's a quirky photo op, and out-of-town folks will still check it out long after we've all had our pics taken with it.

The artists that made these for Austin can be found here. You can see from their Facebook page that the wings can even be used for pets. That is, if you can get your pet to stand still for a photo.


I think the trend started in Austin, with lots of murals downtown. Even though they weren't meant to be interactive, people interacted a lot with them. Tyler just started work on a "Wings of Tyler" mural downtown. I think Lufkin and Nacogdoches should get in on the fun.

This guy made a great tweet back in January of 2019, and I think we can agree it's funnier than it is creepy.

Sure we'd be "copying" an idea that isn't original, but who cares? Maybe instead of wings we could do jet packs ... like from the side. Or maybe a giant figure hold out there hand for us to "stand in".

We DO have the "Locked With Love" tree and heart image in downtown Lufkin, but other than couples standing next to it, I can't think of a way to make it interactive. Maybe if someone had a big key, they could tell a story with a single image.

Nacogdoches seems to have more statues, and you can always find something fun to do for a photo op with a statue ... if it isn't illegal.

These are just ideas off the top of my head. Let us know what you'd want painted downtown, and maybe we can start a campaign for it.

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