You see your phone has been ringing, and it's obviously a fake robocall. Something that you didn't sign up for, you are getting calls saying anything to get you to respond. Someone is breaking the law, you know you are on the "Do not Call" list. This is illegal, and what they are doing to people that don't know they aren't the IRS is despicable. I really hope this slows down the amount of calls that we all get, especially the ones that are obviously scams.

This story is from the San Francisco Bay Area, about them actually finding someone that was originating these calls, perhaps to all of us, according to the scam.

Women Accused of Running IRS Robocall Ring Arrested

Women Accused of Running IRS Robocall Ring Arrested
Fontana Police say surveillance video eventually led them to Ailing Lu, 25, of Los Angeles and Ji Hyun Lee, 25, of Gardena, in the robocall scam calls investigation.

Fontana police said they confiscated $1 million in electronics and gift cards during a nationwide phone scam investigation centered around two Southern California women.

Police said the scam involves possibly hundreds of victims.

The accused scammers used fear to force victims to comply to their demands.

"We have things from iPads to iWatches to cameras," said Officer Richard Guerrero.

Even Guerrero said he was amazed at all of the electronics now inside the evidence rooms at Fontana police.

He said they were confiscated from the suspects who randomly called people claiming they were from the IRS, including a Fontana man who was scammed just last month.

"This person alleged that if the victim did not provide $2,200 in gift cards he would be arrested by the IRS," police said.

Guerrero says the victim was afraid so he complied with the demands, but he later became suspicious so he called Fontana police, and detectives quickly realized the IRS call was a scam.

Police contacted Target corporate security to check surveillance video and see who was using the gift cards. Those cards were tracked to a store in LA.

"They actually informed our detectives that Indiana University had a victim," Guerrero said. "They looked at the video and the same suspect had also used some gift cards taken in a fraudulent capacity and used them at that particular location.

Officer Guerrero says the surveillance video eventually led them to Ailing Lu, 25, of Los Angeles and Ji Hyun Lee, 25, of Gardena.

Officer Guerrero believes this is part of a nationwide scam, and he has a warning for everyone who gets a threatening call.

"No law enforcement agency is going to threaten you with arrest and have you pay for these alleged consequences with gift cards, including the IRS," he said.

If you are a victim, call Fontana police.

I can't believe that they actually looked for the criminals and found them. I thought that these kinds of calls were just a fact of life. Apparently you can do something about it.

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