If you want real School Closures and Weather Information as they happen, there is the link. If you want to add to the conversation, or find out my thoughts of us rolling up the streets of Texas, read on.  Because people are losing their minds! If you want a haircut, call your hairstylist now because everyone has cancelled for tomorrow. If you can convince them to come in, I promise they are free.

If you can’t wait 24 hours go to the grocery store, don’t hesitate. Store shelves Still seem to be stocked up. Prepping for the worst is what we do around here. I mean if you can’t go to the grocery store tomorrow, what would you do? What if it snows and we can’t drive around like we normally do? How long would you last?

I drove to Colorado this time last year to see snow. It was a very long trip. Fifteen hours in a car, I don’t wish that on anyone. It never snowed the entire time we were there. But there was snow everywhere, because once it does snow it doesn’t melt. So that way you learn to drive on it. Snow is great to drive in, I even drove in a blizzard in Michigan, it was a complete whiteout. That is no problem, except trying to see. But what is going to happen with our warm ground is different. It was 60 degrees today (Monday) even if all that comes down is snow, at first it will melt, and with temps not getting above 32 tomorrow it could become ice. Then iit could snow on top of the ice. You won’t know where the ice is. That is a very real situation.  So be careful out there and stay informed of the weather, and make a snowman.

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