I feel I am very lucky for one reason, but that reason is mostly my doing.  My commute to work every day is under three minutes and about two miles at the most.  I seem to be the exception, not the rule around East Texas.

I know my sister and many of you have had killer commutes.  If you work in Small Town A (Zavalla) and live in Small Town B (Hudson) the two lane roads in between could be quite hazardous.  That alone could be detrimental to your health, if you got in an accident, but there is even more to it.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a study yesterday that said that people with a commute greater than 10 miles are at greater risk of certain health problems.  Specifically, medical conditions such as obesity and heart disease.

I remember one summer I was in between apartments and roommates and I stayed with my mom in Jasper.  But I still worked here at the station in Lufkin.  That was back when I did mornings, a fun 50 mile or more commute in the dark at 5am.  I know many of you do that every day.

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