It's always strange to see fireworks stands opening up on the edge of town. Little shacks open up just outside the city limits, but why?

It seems like there should be a big fireworks store in the middle of town. They could just open up in the old mall like Spirit Halloween and make good money.

The reason? It's illegal to sell fireworks inside the city limits of Lufkin and Nacogdoches. The twin cities also share some other similarities when it comes to laws around fireworks.

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Why Do I Hear Fireworks When It's Illegal In My Town?

With so many fireworks going off in our neighborhoods this New Year's Eve, you would never suspect that it's actually illegal to discharge fireworks in both cities. Doing so is breaking the law.

Much like liquor laws, the State of Texas leaves most of the rules about fireworks up to cities and their ordinances. Both Nacogdoches and Lufkin have city ordinances prohibiting their use inside their city limits, but they don't go so far as to say it's illegal to possess them.

Beyond the city limits, you might think you are completely in the clear, but that is where Texas State Laws come into play.

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You Can't Launch Fireworks Close To Churches In Texas

According to Texas statutes you can't shoot a firework within 600 feet of a church, hospital, asylum, licensed child care center, or school. You also can't fire them anywhere near a business that sells fireworks.

You also can't fire commercial fireworks on your own property, described as fireworks 1.3G or 1.4G, unless you have a licensed pyrotechnic operator. So keep those displays outside the city limits, a reasonable size, and invite the neighbors so there is no one to complain.

Stay safe out there and Happy New Year!

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