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Producer Nick Adams is back with another round of 'Dirty Thirty' for the cast.

Luckily this time though, Ana gets to sit this game out. Back in March, producer Nick came up with this game for the cast to play and he called it 'Dirty Thirty'. It's a game where he asks rapid fire trivia questions to a cast member and they have to answer as many as they can in thirty seconds. They've each played the game one time and Ana had a stand alone event because she is terrified of games like this.

Well, Nick is back for round two and Ana is once again pretty lucky because she's the score keeper for the game, but we feel her time is coming soon, just like last time! So in this installment can the cast answer trivia questions like these:

  • Phalanges are what?
  • What is the longest river in the world?
  • Where does Harry Potter sleep?
  • What is the city of Brotherly Love?
  • Water freezes at what temperature?
  • What is one of the primary colors?
  • Birds flying south for the winter is what?
  • Name one of the Earth's three layers?
  • What fast food restaurant's mascot is a clown?

Those are just a few of the questions that Nick throws out to the cast. Give the following best of clip a listen to find our which cast member is the king of 'Dirty Thirty'.  And does Ana get away with just being the score keeper?

Listen to "The Dirty 30 Game!" on Spreaker.

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